Week 2 - Getting Help

put your faith in God. I know it seems easy, cliche even, or perhaps you don’t see how that can help with the situation.

Code Tuesday - Closures

Lets get a little closure on closures today! Join me in learning how to utilize closures in our everyday code!

Static - Singletons (part 3)

Creating a singleton of a data manager is a very useful. It allows the a single instance to exist in memory and be accessed from anywhere in

Static - Type Methods (part 2)

Using the static keyword allows us to create a function which we can call on a data type without the need of creating an instance of that da

Week 8 - Head Scratcher

Hello Everyone, and welcome back to another weekly update. This week's post will be relatively short by comparison to previous posts, but...

Static - Type Properties (part 1)

Declaring a constant or variable with static allows for access to that variable from a Type level rather than an Instance level.

Week 7 - And We're Back

Hello, Everyone, and welcome back to my weekly blog updates. If you are a repeat reader, you may have noticed I didn't post an update...