Achieve Life

Achieve Life is designed to help you build better habits. With the passing of the new year, it is easier than ever to build habits for resolutions with Achieve Life. Make a habit to go to the gym more, read more, or drink more water. Whatever the case, Achieve Life helps keep track your information on your quest to become a better you!

Who is it for?

Achieve Life is for anyone and everyone who is looking for a way to make themselves accountable for their life habits. By using Achieve Life's premium features you can set up your habits to remind you to enter your data for the day, week, or month. 

You can try to beat your best streak, or simply keep track of your level of consistency. In whatever way you use Achieve Life it can make tracking your habits that much easier.

Data is King!

From the moment you open the app, you are presented with a beautiful progress ring showing your current progress. If you simply tap the progress ring you can switch between the types of habits you can create: daily, weekly, and monthly. Each option intelligently calculates your progress for the type currently shown.


Going into a more detailed view of a specific habit you can see your past progress with a graph view that scrolls from the current day to the oldest. You can also see interesting data related to your progress via the Habit Statistics. It will show you the day the habit was created, so you can know how long you have been crushing your habit. It also displays how long you have been crushing your habit with a current streak and best streak. Also in the statistics information, you can see your best day, week, or month. It also shows how many attempts you've had to complete your habit, and how many times you have completed it. Along with that, it displays your overall completion percentage.


Below your Habit Statistics, it displays your entries in a scrollable table. Clicking on one will allow you to edit the entry in the situation that you were unable to enter your progress for your habit in the appropriate time frame.


Ease Of Use

Achieve Life is designed with convenience in mind. Not only is the data shown in an easy to read format but creating a habit couldn't be easier. All you have to do is follow the flow!


It is like making your own adlib story! Like with the example shown to the left, it starts with "I want to" and you fill in the story. What do you want to do? How many times do you want to do it? What is the increment of measurement for what you want to do? How frequently do you want to do it(daily, weekly, or monthly)? And on what day(s) of the week do you want to do it? Or how many times a week or month do you want to do it?


After filling out your story, the title is auto-populated with the information forming a sentence. If you want to go to church every Sunday, it would read: I want to go to church 1 time every Sunday. Or maybe you want to go to the gym 3 times a week: I want to go to the gym 3 times Weekly. Or depending on how you fill out the information: I want to go to the gym 1 time, 3 times weekly. Or if you want to, you can change to title to something easier to read or understand for you.

What To Look Forward To

The future of Achieve Life is bright! In the initial brainstorming phase of creating Achieve Life, I was brimming with ideas to make it the greatest habit tracking app on the App Store. Some of these features include: 

          - New ways of tracking your habit progress. Integration with external                       services like HealthKit, and Goodreads.

          - AppleWatch integration. The ability to view your habit progress via your               AppleWatch. Also the ability to add entries for "In App" tracked habits.

          - iCloud backup. So you will always have your data stored in a safe location             no matter what device you are using it on.

          - Achieve Life today widget.

          - And many more!

So stay tuned for future updates!


Can I track quitting a bad habit?

No, not currently. However, it is planned for a future update.

Does the app use my cellular data?

No! The app is purely standalone. The only time it uses data is when it is displaying an ad, which is very minimal. However, if you purchase the premium features the ads go away.

What does the Start, Middle, and End reminder mean for Weekly and Monthly habits?

Both weekly and monthly reminders will notify you at 9:00 am on the following days:

     Weekly - Start: Sunday, Middle: Wednesday, and End: Saturday

     Monthly - Start: 1st Day of the Month, Middle: 15th Day of the Month, and End: 28th Day of the Month.